Black and white and a little bit of love

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Markt Twee
Markt 2, Zaltbommel
March 17 – April 24
Thursday till Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm


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Kees van de Wal (Oirschot, 1967) was invited by Markt Twee to exhibit in this space. He had reserved his latest works for an upcoming exhibition, so he started looking for an alternative. Thinking about the current affairs of today, the past weeks and years, the theme of black and white came to his mind. “The world is changing, things are happening that we would not have thought possible a few years ago. Contradictions grow bigger, opinions get tougher, ideas become more and more black and white.”

Over the years, Van de Wal has made various works in black and white, or a mixture of gray. “A deep black color gives a shaep strength, the work is more emphatically present. A gray or white work is generally more modest and requires less attention. Whereas in a work in exclusively black and white, it is precisely the contrast that prevails.
“In this time of black-and-white thinking, I present a series of works – made from 2014 to 2021 – in black, white and gray supplemented with one work in red, the color of love.


Many years ago Van de Wal painted tranquil landscapes, tranquility and space were the underlying theme. Today he mainly creates wall objects in a minimalistic non-figurative style. In the presentation at Markt Twee we see a number of works from the intervening period. We see an abstraction of the landscape, his search for composition and balance, for the limits of minimalism and use of materials.