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In the non-figurative minimalist work by visual artist Kees van de Wal we can see shapes. On canvas and as a wall object. Sometimes solitary in space, sometimes in relation to each other. Shapes, residual shapes and composite shapes in plane or contour, nearly always in a certain peace and stillness.

Since the first exhibition in 2008, from abstract landscapes with the theme of stillness the work has evolved to what it is today. After the disappearance of the horizon from the landscapes, suggestions of clouds and vegetation have been further abstracted into independent shapes. These shapes entered into a relationship with each other and with the canvas. By using contrasts, both in shape and size, brush technique, strength and colour, Van de Wal went searching for the right combination of tension and balance. When he no longer allowed himself to be restricted by the edges of the painting canvas, the first wall objects were a fact.

The first independent shapes were often put down from one movement, where the movement, the matter, the alternation between hard and soft lines and corners and the brushstroke gave the shapes their character. At this moment Van de Wal concentrates on shapes and residual shapes. Shapes slide over each other by which a new shape is created. Van de Wal elevates these residual shapes and composite shapes into independent shapes that are no longer present coincidentally. They become shapes that take a place in the space. To have the right to exist and at the same time to be a silent witness to what is going on.

Since January 2017, Van de Wal has been working in his studio in the historic city center of Zaltbommel. On a regular basis he organizes an open studio to lower the threshold of his studio and to talk about art, his work or the weather. An unique opportunity to see the artist at work and to follow him in his process.