In the envelope …

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Written by Kees van de Wal, June 16, 2021.

Translated by Google translate

About 10 years ago, around 2012 I think, I received a large envelope from my oldest brother. The envelope contained drawings, patches, a booklet with some patches and a booklet with some assignments. All from the years 1972/1973 when I was at kindergarten in Oirschot. I paid little attention to it then and it ended up in a box in the attic.

Somewhere in the middle of the year 2020 my girlfriend was cleaning out the attic. She came down with a box in her hands and asked me to see if it should all be preserved. Some books, a few folders, it contained everything, including an envelope. I opened it and was really surprised. I saw some drawings from long ago, they reminded me a lot of my current work, the shapes I make now. A circle, an oval, but also a somewhat more complex shape that comes remarkably close to works I had made earlier that year.

What strikes me in those drawings is the freedom, the uncontrollability, the simplicity. The hatching that does not stay within the lines, the cutting and pasting that gets its charm precisely because of the imperfect. The use of color. The abstraction and tendency towards abstraction where realism is intended. It inspired me. The assignment to myself was to investigate whether I could bring these aforementioned properties into my forms, in my forms that until then were often more geometric, monochrome, still.

Below is a selection of the drawings and pastings.